On the Issues

Building A Stronger Economy Here In Virginia

My top priority as your Congressman will always be creating good jobs and building a stronger economy.

For too long, Washington has failed to pursue the genuine, long-term economic growth that comes from giving people and businesses the tools they need to succeed. My wife and I have worked hard to be successful, but none of that would be possible without a world-class education, without quality healthcare, and without the sacrifices and investments made by all the Virginians who came before us in infrastructure and defending this country.

Today, Virginians have to compete against workers and businesses in other states, against other countries, and increasingly, against automation and powerful monopolies. But Washington has left our communities behind and forgotten the small businesses we know will help give us real, sustained economic growth.

As your Congressman, I will fight every day to ensure we grow jobs and wages from Faquier to Albemarle to Danville.

Fighting for Virginians, Not Special Interests

For too long, the influx of dark money in politics has been threatening our democracy and stacking the deck in favor of special interests and against everyday folks. Politicians in Congress have voted to protect these interests, even making it easier for foreign money to influence our elections. This has to end.

Throughout this campaign and during my time in Congress, I won't take a dime from corporate PACs. As your Congressman, the only interests I'll be beholden to are the people of the 5th District.

On my first day in Congress, I will proudly add my support to the DISCLOSE Act, as well as a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United. I pledge to be a powerful voice for getting big money out of our political system.

This issue cannot wait.

This is a question of our fundamental American values. I look forward to fighting for everyday Americans.

Quality, Affordable Healthcare For All

For me, healthcare is personal, not partisan. My wife, Ashley, and I have a daughter who was born severely premature. Doctors were not sure she would survive her first 72 hours of life, but she defied the odds thanks to the hard-working nurses and doctors in our community.

Let’s be honest: The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. But, politicians in Washington are recklessly focused on implementing an agenda that would limit access to care for those who need it most, increase the cost of healthcare, and fail to address our rural healthcare challenges. Their actions don't represent Virginia values.

We were lucky, but no parent should have to choose between bankruptcy and foregoing medical treatment. No one should be prevented from accessing affordable high-quality care simply because they have a pre-existing medical condition. Every single American should have access to the same quality of care providers regardless of whether they live in an urban center or in a rural community.

Fighting for quality, affordable health care for all also means standing with women. In Congress, I’ll fight out-of-touch politicians who are putting politics before women’s health.

I’m committed to bringing all sides together and working with medical experts to find policy solutions that will raise the quality of healthcare, improve access and affordability, and provide stability to our health care markets.

Investing In A Strong Public Education

I grew up in a middle class family and am the son of educators. I am the product of a quality public education, and it allowed me to attend one of the best public universities in the world for both of my degrees. Without my public education, I don't know if I would have been able to build the life I've built with my family.

I know that a first-rate education is the key to all Americans having an equal opportunity to succeed.

In Washington, too many politicians see education as a game of numbers where test scores are all that matter. Washington needs to empower educators to teach students, and fund programs that will help build a strong local workforce, and in turn, a strong local economy.

We need to prepare all of our kids to go out into the world and succeed. That's why I support increased funding for our public schools, and in Congress I will make sure that all students–whether they go to college or choose to learn a trade–have access to an excellent education.


During World War II, my grandfather served in the U.S. Navy on a ship that sank in the Pacific. Luckily, he survived, but others weren't so lucky. His sacrifice, and the sacrifice of every person who served in uniform is part of what makes our country great.

The more than 55,000 veterans in the district deserve better than what they're getting from Congress. Lip service only gets us so far. Partisanship has pushed funding and benefit cuts for veterans. And while a number of programs exist to support veterans, it is often too hard to access these programs - especially in rural communities like ours.

In Congress, I'll always stand with our veterans to expand educational and economic opportunities and ensure that they receive the world-class health care they and their families deserve. These brave Americans have risked everything for us - it's time we have their backs.

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