For me, healthcare is personal, not partisan. My wife, Ashley, and I have a daughter who was born severely premature. Doctors were not sure she would survive her first 72 hours of life, but she defied the odds thanks to the hard-working nurses and doctors in our community.

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect. But, politicians in Washington are recklessly focused on implementing an agenda that would limit access to care for those who need it most, increase the cost of healthcare, and fail to address our rural healthcare challenges. Their actions don’t represent Virginia values.

We were lucky, but no parent should have to choose between bankruptcy and foregoing medical treatment. No one should be prevented from accessing affordable high-quality care simply because they have a pre-existing medical condition. Every single American should have access to the same quality of care providers, regardless of whether they live in an urban center or in a rural community.

Fighting for quality, affordable health care for all also means standing with women. In Congress, I’ll fight out-of-touch politicians who are putting politics before women’s health.

I’m committed to bringing all sides together and working with medical experts to find policy solutions that will raise the quality of healthcare, improve access and affordability, and provide stability to our health care markets.

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